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About Us

Shenzhen Yida Yuntong International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a supplier specializing in cross-border logistics comprehensive services. We were established in 2018. The headquarters is located in Shenzhen, and there are warehousing and logistics centers in Yiwu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and the United States, a total of about 59,000 square meters, with an average daily processing volume exceeding 200,000 orders, and the average monthly cabinet is> 500. Yida Logistics has advanced automatic sorting equipment, and the accuracy of the full and automatic sorting accuracy of the entire process is as high as 99.9%. Through the management of network processization and modern logistics, we have the advantages of US shipping, air transportation, small bags, express delivery, and other businesses. Currently, the company's business and scale are continuously expanding. Yida Logistics has the qualifications of an international freight agency, and has a strong customs clearance team domestic and abroad, providing door-to-door cross-border e-commerce logistics services. Today, with the service concept of "everything for customers, for customers' everything, and all customers", customer satisfaction is the only criterion for our work. Reliable services, fast speed, and reasonable prices make customers satisfied with service, timeliness, and price. We provide customers with high-quality logistics services as our goal and have promoted our company to develop a large-scale logistics enterprise to professional, branded, large-scale, and modernized, and has a high reputation and market reputation in this field. We are committed to creating the most trusted boutique logistics companies, becoming the best partner of customers, and entrusting Chinese manufacturing brands overseas.

Shenzhen Yida Yuntong international logistics co.


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Shenzhen headquarters


Shenzhen, Guangdong province, 广东省深圳市龙岗区坂田街道贝尔路神舟承运大厦308


Ms Liang


Yiwu Branch


Yiwu, Zhejiang province, 义乌市城西街道东河北街38号


Mr Xu


Dongguan Branch


Dongguan, Guangdong province, 广东省东莞市龙背岭春风路20号鸿鑫宝(春风)科技园


Mr Peng


Guangzhou Branch


Guangzhou, Guangdong province, 广东省广州市花都区花安东路(广州邮区中心局机场北邮件处理中心)


Mr Chen